Counterpoint’s Opening Tap List and Philosophy

Over the years, Graeme and I have sipped many suds, imbibed many IPAs and tippled many tripels.

Through all those beers we have discovered what we really like: the broad spectrum of craft beer no matter the style, so long as it’s brewed with intent, harmony and excitement. We are passionate about perfecting certain styles, reinterpreting others, and exploring new flavours and concepts. That’s what we’ll be brewing at Counterpoint–beers that respect traditions and push some boundaries.

To start, our opening act brings four beers to the scene. Duet Pale Ale is the first of many such beers which will explore the interaction of two distinct hop varieties. There’s a synergy that occurs when two hops play off each other in a beer and we’d love to know what you think about each duet. Black Cello Stout was aged on whole locally roast coffee and cocoa nibs. This wintry weather guides our hand toward the darker malts and flavours to bring some inner warmth to you. We have been inspired by the many great breweries aging beer in fresh wine barrels, and combining beer with wine grape juice. We think that a crisp saison pairs very well with Riesling juice and so was born Another Riesling, Another Season. The saison component brings subtle earthiness and sweet cedar leaf aromas, while the Riesling adds in notes of lime and a sub-melody of apricot. What will you pull out of it? And, what is a tap list these days without some extra hops? There are so many amazing and aromatic varieties coming out every year and we can’t wait to experiment with each of them in our IPAs. In Full Spectrum we threw in heaps of Amarillo and Comet hops for a classic zesty citrus bite and rounded apricot and papaya aromatics. 

This is just a start. We’re always developing new recipes. I keep a notebook with me to record ideas and inspirations. We love talking beer and believe there is always something new to learn–from books, from other brewers and from you. Graeme and I are your brewers and your servers. Come grab a Counterpint and talk beer with us. Cheers!

Rich Hrytzak
Counterpoint Brewing Co.


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