Family-friendly Brewery?

What happened to beer during COVID

I am a dad and I love beer.  When spending time with my 3-year old daughter, I take her everywhere. We take the dog to the park, we go to swimming lessons, and a common activity to round off the day is to check out what’s happening at one of our great local breweries.

One of our core values here at Counterpoint is inclusivity.  We hold our community in high regard and strive to provide a comfy location for all to enjoy, including families with children.  As kids, we were told that beer is an adult beverage.  Well, we weren’t allowed to drink coffee either, but it’s okay to bring kids to a coffee shop, so why not have them tag along while you stop in at your favourite craft brewery?

Our Oat Gose Rodeo pairs well with magnetic block structures.

We have a change table in the washroom, along with a small selection of toys and books in case you forget yours, or perhaps we were an impromptu stop on the way home and you need to change a diaper.

We think it’s awesome that you want to hang out with your loved ones at our brewery.  There is nothing quite like spending quality time with your family, while being able to socialize, meet with friends, and grab a flight of the latest libations on tap.  Can’t stay for a pint? We have bottles and growlers you can take home to unwind with once the small humans are down for the night.


Graeme (and family)


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